Sariska Tiger Foundation

Cause: The news of extinction of tigers from Sariska was a shocking message for the wildlife conservation communities throughout the world .It shacked the dreams of naturalists. It affected the tourism and development of the area. But with government's initiatives for the reintroduction of tigers in Sariska Our Founder Dinesh Verma came up with an innovative idea to buddy the forest department , by engineering an instrument to conserve,protect and nurture the natural and feline beauty "Pride the Pride" of Sariska, by introducing a Team of discreet-determind-dedicated ,passionate-optimistic members.

NGO: Sariska Tiger Foundation is a non-governmental organistion working for a noble cause to save the Sariska. It is a registered organisation under Rajasthan State organistion registration act 1958. our head office is situated at

Sariska Tiger Heaven,
Amra ka Bas,Thanagazi,Alwar
Pin:301022, Contact-No:01465-224959

Key Areas of Focus:
  • Protection of Tigers

  •   Maintenance of Natural Beauty of The Park

  • Upliftment of the Communities dealing in Poaching and Hunting

  • Reducing Man-animal Conflicts

    • Assisting village Relocation

    • Awareness Campaign

  • Wildlife Rescue Operations

    • Snake Helpline and Rescue Center

    • Bird Monitoring Program

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