Sariska Tiger Foundation

Sariska Tiger Foundation is a non-governmental organization. It is a registered at no: 166/Oct/08-09 in the office of the Registrar of Societies Alwar under Rajasthan State Organization registration act 1958.

Sariska Tiger foundation was formed to achieve these objectives with the motto- “Think globally and act locally”. The instrument of Sariska Tiger Foundation was engineered by its founder to conserve, protect and nurture the natural and feline beauty of Sariska with the assistance of discreet, determined, dedicated, passionate and optimistic members.

Sariska flourishes as a true tiger reserve while people around live in harmony.

Cause: Extinction of tigers from Sariska was a shocking news to the entire wildlife conservation community throughout the world .It shattered the dreams of naturalists. It badly affected tourism and development of the area. Shame faced governments started showing keenness to replenish the reserve with wild tiger population. Few tigers were reintroduced also but this is not enough. The basic cause which led to this disaster has to be addressed at an earliest in order to ensure no repetition of such disaster. Several long and short term remedial measures have to be adopted for further development of the reserve.Man animal conflict is chief reason responsible for deterioration of the reserve alike all other reserves in the country. This is a delicate issue which can not be solved merely by traditional bureaucratic approach. It needs serious focus for which presently atmosphere in the governments does not seem conducive.

An humble N.G.O. with holistic approach and human face is needed to address this problem. Governmental system seriously lacks in motivating the field staff, chiefly responsible for protection. This area also needs support of a dedicated N.G.O. Several times efforts of dedicated reserve managers also sabotaged due to red tapism prevailing in the governments. Such efforts need voice and support which can be provided by non other than a dedicated N.G.O.

Site Office :
Sariska Tiger Heaven,
Amra ka Bas,Thanagazi,Alwar
D-4, Krishna Marg
C- Scheme, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

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