Workshop Sariska Tiger Foundation is organizing a technical workshop on “Rebuilding Sariska and challenges ahead” which will include lectures on burning topic of tiger reserve management , tiger monitoring and protection by various wildlife experts and delegates from wildlife institute of india , Dehradun. Download detailed program of this workshop and for any Query email us at mailtostf@gmail.com

Road Dispute As per the orders of the Hon’ble supreme court of India on state high way no 13 ,between Bhratrahari ji and Thanagazi, plying of commercial vehicles is to be stopped totally and other vehicles from sunset to sunrise. Along with this plying of all vehicles to be stopped on state high way no:29a between Sariska and Tahla via Kalighati. This decision is to be executed before any repair on the above road sections. The reserve management tried to execute this order for commercial vehicles in the year 2009 but could not succeed due to a politically led opposition by locals. Since then the traffic has been going on unrestricted and the roads have worn out mentionably. Hearing has recently started in this matter by the empowered committee of the court. It is an important issue in the interest of protection of tiger and its habitat in Sariska..

Village Relocation The 28 villages located within the reserve are to be shifted out side the reserve with the package provided by govt.of India. On the basis of the same Bhagani has already been shifted to Bardod Rundh and several houses of Kankawadi and Umri have been shifted to Bardod Rundh and Mauzpur Rundh ,Laxman Garh respectively.Efforts are being done by the reserve management to shift the remaining families of these villages at an earliest. This foundation is working hand in hand with the reserve management on this issue also.


Tiger Monitoring The killing of a tiger in November 10 has called for monitoring of remaining tigers round the clock. For this purpose separate teams comprising of 3-5 staff personnel with gypsy and driver have been deputed. Sariska tiger foundation is working hand in hand in this important project and this cooperation will be continued in future also. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" .

Survey, Training and Awareness: The only solution to man-animal deadlock is to bringing them to the mainstream by educating, awaking and providing them the basic important needs which are the causes of mass-unchecked-indiscriminate hunting ,poaching and trafficking.

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