Sariska Tiger Foundation

Sariska Tiger Foundation is a non-profit, voluntary and registered organization. The Foundation is a group of nature enthusiasts committed to ensuring welfare of Sariska Tiger Reserve and people living in and around it. To begin with the strategy of the Foundation is work in collaboration with the management of the reserve and cooperation of the local people.


The Foundation has following broad objectives to work on at Sariska Tiger Reserve

  • Conservation of wildlife with the cooperation of people

  • Assist in protection, if the management of the reserve so desires

  • Control on spread of diseases from domestic to wild animals

  • Control on grazing

  • Facilitate shifting of villages from inside the reserve and suitable rehabilitation of the people

  • Facilitate respectable livelihood and empowerment of people of the hunting community, Bawarias, living in and around the reserve so that they give up hunting profession

  • In collaboration with the management, provide immediate compensation to villagers for livestock killed by carnivore to avoid man-animal conflict

  • Welfare of the frontline staff and officials

  • Organise appropriate trainings for frontline staff

  • Create awareness about importance of wildlife and environment among local people

  • Publish wildlife literature

  • Promote Eco-Tourism

  • Providing a suitable platform for exchange of ideas and technologies in wildlife and nature conservation

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