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Project Tiger Reintroduction Due to management failure in 2004 Sariska lost its entire tiger population. Sariska can not be thought of surviving without tigers. It has great potential and rich prey base. The V.P. Singh Committee at state level and Sunita Narain committee at central level have also recommended for replenishing Sariska with tiger population at an earliest. Unfortunately some forces for their vested interest have been opposing this right from day one. Sariska Tiger Foundation from its birth has been trying hard to persuade all the decision making authorities and raising the public voice in order to convince the governments to execute the reintroduction plan as early as possible. As per this plan in the first phase three female and one male were to be shifted from Ranthambhore tiger reserve. The foundation has succeeded in achieving this objective but again due to carelessness of the reserve management one of the above reintroduced tigers fell victim at the hands of the villagers. Loss of this tiger has brought the situation to old position. This loss is to be recovered soon through reintroduction of one male again at an earliest in order to generate healthy competition between the two males. This will help in breeding of tigers in Sariska. This Foundation is all out to persuade the authorities to execute this reintroduction as early as possibleAs per the Tiger reintroduction plan prepared by Field Director Sariska in consultation with Wild Life Institute Of India and National Tiger conservation authority of India, in the second phase also alike the first one 3-5 tigers are to be reintroduced in Sariska preferably from Kanha tiger reserve of Madhya Pradesh but since Madhya Pradesh government is not willing to part with her tiger population then the only alternate left is to complete this second phase also from Ranthambhore . Fortunately Ranthambhore has over flowing population of tigers which is much beyond its carrying capacity. This over population has caused severe competition among tigers as a result many of these have been driven out of the reserve resulting in to fatal accidents. Tigers are being killed by tigers. Villagers have killed tigers straying in to villages. Tigers have killed villagers inside and in the out skirts of the reserve. Shifting of few more tigers will not only be good for replenishing Sariska with its lost tiger population but also will save many tigers whose life is in real danger in the out skirts of Ranthambhore. This will also help in reducing man- animal conflict in Ranthambhore.Further shifting of tigers is likely to be vehemently opposed by the powerful Ranthambhore lobby. Serious efforts have to be done to counter this opposition.

Tiger Protection and Monitoring In order to ensure protection of the reintroduced tigers special teams with vehicles have been deployed to follow and monitor tiger movement round the clock. Since the staff so deployed is always on wheels therefore providing food to them in time has become a serious challenge before the reserve management. This foundation working in hand in hand with the management is supplying free ration to all of these personnel. This has immensely helped the field staff in doing their their duties effectively

Village Relocation About 28 villages with about 12000 humen and 50000 live stock population lives in sariska and about 300 villages with several lacs of live stock surround this reserve. This has caused serious threat to the survival of the reserve and its prize animal tiger. Though state and central governments are keen to shift villages from sariska and process has already started. One village Bhagani with 21 families has already been rehabilitated out side the reserve. Kankawadi and Umri are other two villages which have been partially shifted out side but it is a tedious job. Humane approach is required to convince the villagers. The villagers ,already rehabilitated are facing several practical problems. They need be supported. assist the reserve management in convincing villagers to shift from Sariska and help them in resolving their problems at new locations as well. This foundation is committed to work hand in hand with the reserve management till all the villages located within the reserve are rehabilitated out side

Rehabilitation of Bawariyas Bawaria community people are traditionally hunter gatherers. They have been nomads. For their livelyhood they are totally dependant upon shikar(poaching)of wild animals. They are serious threat to the survival of tiger. Unfortunately so far they have been deprived of benefits of various governmental schemes, meant for helping the poor. The foundation has taken up this issue with the reserve management and the district administration. Foundation has already conducted a door to door survey in field to study the number of such people and their social/ educational and economic status. Several meetings of these people have been conducted. They have been apprised of their bonafied rights. The foundation is committed to see that In the first phase all of these deprived people have to be provided with I.D. proofs and benefits of all the governmental schemes like B.P.L./ M.NAREGA etc. In the second phase this foundation is committed to provide gainful employment to them and education to their children through its own resources.

Awareness Campaign It is a proven fact that no amount of protection can ensure survival of nature reserves unless man-animal conflict is resolved. Several steps are needed to resolve this comlex issue but no step can succeed in this direction unless people in question are educated properly to realize importance of nature and environment for their own survival. This foundation has already started campaigning from this point of view in Thana Gazi town ship. Students of this township are being educated on this and their field visits have also been conducted providing them the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and contribution of Sariska in maintaining water table in adjacent villages and balancing the nature. Lot more is to be done in this field through proper projects ( long term).

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